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CO-VP, Southwest Region (San Diego)

Understanding our strengths so we can collaborate in deeper, stronger ways for our collective liberation and growth.



Pam Covarrubias is an Embodied Business Coach, her work heavily leans on decolonizing and liberation principles. Pam supports clients embrace rest and invite wealth and freedom into their businesses through trauma-informed practices.

As someone who has been told she’s prettier when she’s quiet, Pam is dedicated to using her voice to help liberate other business owners through somatic tools like EFT/Tapping and coaching principles that support the nervous system so they can step into their power as they build and grow their businesses without shame and guilt.

Throughout her work, Pam's goal is to remove the damages of Calladita Culture™️ a principle instilled in first-generation women and femmes in the United States, telling them to be quiet and submissive.

Through her Liberated Business Roadmap, Pam teaches entrepreneurs to decolonize their business practices so they can amplify their voice, tap into their intuition, and flow with the natural rhythms in our bodies and businesses.


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UnPlanning Workshop: Review, Refine, and Reconnect to your intentions so you can end the year on purpose.


The PowerSisters Method: The first and only program that centers the Latina experience by supporting your nervous system so you can be more productive through the power of accountability

"What if you fly?"

-Pam Covarrubias

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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