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CO-VP, Northeast Region (Miami)

There are 8 billion human beings in the world and none of us share the same fingerprint. You are unique and that is your superpower. Use it!



Diana Lorenti is a Multicultural Marketer, speaker, author, and community leader.  

Lorenti has been featured on the Hispanic Stars Rising volume 11 book where she shared how she used her marketing skills to overcome her odds in a white male dominated corporate environment – “Finding My Unique Value Proposition” – gives you a quick glance into the importance of personal awareness, identifying, recognizing, and embracing your differences.

“Empowerment is nothing other than recognizing our greatness, recognizing our own totality, knowing that we are not missing anything, and we don’t need anything else from outside; we are enough, and everything that we need has been given to us. If you don’t promote yourself, no one will.”

She strongly believes that there is no professional growth without personal development. She has helped many women identify their strengths and self-promote themselves by building self-efficacy.

Ms. Lorenti holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with specialization in marketing, a certificate in digital marketing as well as training in leadership.

She has built marketing and partnership multicultural strategies from the ground up for major companies in the telecommunications and media industry. She has also worked in multi-million-dollar content distribution negotiations and successfully managed annual budgets of up to $8M.


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The Intentional Marketing Solutions team developed a series of videos for DePrati and Warner Bros. to promote the launch of DePrati’s new Harry Potter collection.


This project was built from a creative conception that aligned with the client’s goals to completion.

-Pre-Production included but was not limited to casting, location, set and art design, logistics, recording, etc.

-Post-production to finalize videos and deliverables.


DePrati is a nationwide chain of department stores located in Ecuador. They bring high-quality personal care, fashion, and home products to their clientele for more than 70 years.


Link to video example:

"Being an HLX+ leader means inspiring others to pursue their dreams, and aspirations and helping them throughout the journey, it means ''Si se puede''.”

-Diana Lorenti-Ochoa

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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